Assam is a land of gold, oil and gold. Let us know about the oil sector of our state

Petroleum Oil & Natural Gas in Assam
Petroleum Oil & Natural Gas in Assam


• In India, petroleum was first discovered in Assam. 

• Assam is the mother of Indian petroleum industry. 

• Indian petroleum companies like OIL and ONGC were born out of Assam. 

• The existence of petroleum in this area was first discovered in the year    1828 by Lieutenant Wilcox and Mr. CA. Bruce in 1837; Major White also    reported to have located several oil springs on the Namrup river.

• The crude oil at Digboi, Assam was discovered in 1889.

• The oil found in Assam has led to the installation of four oil refineries in      Assam the first at Digboi, the second at Guwuhati, the third at Bongaigaon  and the fourth at Numaligarh. 

• Digboi Well No-1(1889-1890), started in September 1889, was completed in November 1890. The decision to drill was taken by the Directors of the AR&T Co. in 1888 under the direction of Mr. W L Lake, an employee of the company and an oil enthusiast. 

Natural Gas in Assam

Petroleum Oil & Natural Gas in Assam
Petroleum Oil & Natural Gas in Assam

• Dieboi Well No-2 was started in February 1891 in the same area. The drilling activities ofAR&T progressed satisfactorily with 11 wells yielding oil in 1894. A new firm-the Assam Oil Company, led by the same Chairman, Lord Ribblesdale- was promoted in 1899 to take over the petroleum interests ofAR&T, including the Digboi and Makum concessions.

• Digboi Refinery was set up at Digboi in 1901 by Assam Oil Company Ltd. 

• The Nahorkatiya oilfield was discovered in 1953.

• A public sector refinery was initiated in 1959 at Guwahati with help from Romania. On January 1st 1962, the refinery was inaugurated by Late Jawaharlal Nehru, then Prime Minister of India. 

• Guwahati Refinery is the first public sector refinery in India. 

• The Burma Oil Company signed a Promotion Agreement with the Government of India in January 1958 to form a company - Oil India Private Limited - to take over the management of the Assam Oil Company discovered fields of Nahorkatiya and Moran.

• The Assam Oil Company, led by the Chairman Lord Ribblesdale, was promoted in 1899. 

• A crude oil conditioning plant has been established at Duliajan in 1962 by the Oil India. 

• The Burmah Oil Company of UK, which was at that time operating in Burma across the Patkai Hills, took over the operation of the Assam Oil Company in 1921. 

• To transport crude oil, the Oil India has constructed 1152 kms. (1720 miles) long pipe line from Naharkatia to Barauni. 

• Makum coalfield near Margherita is 30 kms. long and about 5 kms. wide between the Dirak on the west and the hairpin bend on the Tirap river on the east. 

• Jaipur coalfield bearing strata extends along the western edge of the Tipam Hills. 

• Nazira coalfield about 25 kms. in length lies about 6.4 kms. south of Naginimara station up the Dikhou river. 

• Limestone occurrence in Assam is confined to North Cachar Hills and Karbi Anglong districts. The Sylhet limestones continue into the North Cachar Hills across the Kharkor and Kopili rivers. 

• Bokajan Cement Factory was set up around 1971 and it was completed by the end of the year 1976. 

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