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Assam Police Branches & Short Information

■ Bureau of investigation, Assam was created in the year 1976 with its Head Quarters at Guwahati.

■ Assam, Police Wireless Communication was born with the establishment of nine HF WT Stations on 12th March 1946 connecting the then State HQ Shillong with the District HQs of Nagaon, Darrang, Goalpara, Lakhimpur, Sivasagar and Cachar as well as Tura and Haflong. 

■ Village Defence Organisation was established in the year 1949 when Late Harinarayan Baruah, the founder of the organization, set up a team of village youths to look after and safeguard their own village. This organisation is being governed under the provisions of the Village Defence Organisation Act, 1966 and the Assam Village Defence Rules in 1986. The Director General ofPolice is the head of the organization. 

■ Special Branch came into existence in 1965 under the command, control and supervision of a Deputy inspector General of Police. The Special Branch deals with the collection, collation and dissemination of intelligence having security and law and order implications. 

Assam Police Branches & Short Information
Assam Police Branches & Short Information

Assam Government Railway Police (GRP) started functioning in the year 1905 with its I leadquarters at I !Acing. The first Superintendent of Railway Police of GRP Assam was Mr. E.C. Ryland. Later, it was shifted to Guwahati on I 0 June 1980 with its Ileadquarters located at Old Railway Institute, Pandu. 

■ Criminal Investigation Department is the Intelligence Bureau for the Police Department.

■ Special Task Force (STF), Assam is headed by a senior police officer of the rank of Inspector General of Police assisted by one Additional SP. 

■ Assam Police Border Organisation, initially under Prevention of Infiltration of Pakistani Scheme, was established in 1962 and in 1974 it started functioning independently as Border Organisation. After the liberation war of Bangladesh, the Prevention of Infiltration of Pakistani Scheme was renamed as Prevention of Infiltration of Foreigners Scheme. 

■ Assam Police Battalion (APBN) personnel are engaged in the onerous task of helping the district police in maintaining Law and Order, besides guarding the vital installations. The following are the battalions of Assam Police:

Assam Police Battalion

  • 1st APBN Ligripukhuri, Sibsagar 15 July1948 
  • 2nd APBN Makum, Tinsukia 15 July 1952 
  • 3rd APBN Titabor, Jorhat 12 December 1957 
  • 4th APBN Kahilipara, Guwahati 16June 1962 
  • 5th APBN Sontilla, NC Hills 16 March 1964 
  • 6th APBN Kathal, Cachar 2 February 1965 
  • 7th APBN Charaikhola, Kokrajhar 22 August 1986 
  • 8th APBN Abhayapuri, Bongaigaon 26 June 1966 
  • 9th APBN Barhampur, Nagaon 14 September 1970 
  • 10th APBN Kahilipara, Guwahati, Kamrup 23 October 1973 
  • 11th APBN Dergaon, Golaghat 29 November 1978 
  • 12th APBN Jamagurihat, Son itpur 14 January 1980 
  • 13th APBN Lilabari, Lakhimpur 6 June 1987 
  • 14th APBN Daulasal, Nalbari 6 June 

■ Assam Fire Service Organization came into existence by taking over and merging the Fire Stations belonging to the Municipal Boards of Shillong & Silchar by the State Govt. of Assam in the year 1956. With tagging of State Disaster Response Force with Fire Service, the nomenclature got modified in 2013 as Directorate of Fire & Emergency Services, Assam. 

■ With the objective of taking up the construction of Buildings and Quarters to the end-users in the Police Districts of Assam, the Assam Police Housing Corporation Ltd. was established in 1980. 

■ River Police Organization was set-up on 24 July 1979 for constitution of a separate River Police district on the River Brahmaputra covering Goalpara, Kamrup and Darrang district comprising four River Police Stations and Six River Police Out Posts.

Assam Police Branches & Short Information
Assam Police Branches & Short Information

There are following four police training institutions in Assam located at Dergaon (District Golaghat)

1. Police Training College: It was established in the year 1948 at Salonibari to offer training facilities to the police personnel of various ranks of the entire North Eastern region. The first Principal of the Police Training College was Mr. D. C. Dutt. The College was shifted from Salonibari to Dergaon on April 1, 1949. 

2. Armed Police Training Center: It was established on April 1, 1974 at the headquarters of the 5th Assam Police Battalion, Kahilipara, Guwahati under Shri B. Barthakur. This center was eventually shifted to Dergaon in 1977. 

3. Battalion Training Center: It was established in March 1980 in Dergaon. The Center offers various pre-promotion cadre courses for officers and men belonging to the Armed Police. 

4. Recruit Training School: It was established in 1973. It offers training to the constables belonging to the Unarmed Branch of the Assam Police. Besides the regular courses of drill and discipline and armed training, it extends courses on laws of the country, human rights and behaviour. 

■ Dark crime' means the amount of unreported crime. 

■ Tough on Crime, Tough on the Causes of Crime' is said by Tony Blair. 

■ FIR means First Information Report. FIR is registered by the Police. 

 The complaint regarding any offence is filed in court. 

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